How to talk to teachers about … Seeing the positive

Teachers vary in their understanding of Asperger’s Syndrome and their experience in helping a child with ASD succeed in the classroom. Here is some information you can share to build effective partnerships.

1.    It is difficult to sit through a parent-teacher conference that is solely negative. Please be on the lookout for strengths, talents, good days and challenges met and share them with me. I will also make a point of letting you know when you’ve helped make a positive difference in my child’s day.

 2.    Please remember that students with ASD are all different, but they are likely to demonstrate positive traits and challenge we can build upon, such as:

  • ·         A strong sense of fairness
  • ·         Good memory
  • ·         Frank observations
  • ·         Capacity for great empathy and kindness
  • ·         In-depth knowledge
  • ·         Loyalty.

 3.    Please involve me in setting realistic goals. My child can learn strategies to reduce anxiety, build skills to function better socially and master techniques to support diminished executive function. Working together, we can encourage and reinforce these solutions.