Bill of Rights

Red River Valley Asperger-Autism Network
ASD Bill of Rights and Values Statement

People with autism spectrum disorders have the right to:
1. Coordinated, accurate, and appropriate assessment and diagnostic services leading to effective interventions and services to improve quality of life.
2. A free, appropriate, public education focused on reaching the individual’s maximum potential and involving him/her in the decision making process to the fullest possible extent.
3. Coordinated and appropriate early intervention, medical, program, support, transition, and vocational services that capitalize on the individual’s strength and support happiness and wellbeing.
4. Opportunities for full community inclusion and freedom from discrimination.
5. Sensory-safe environments and opportunities for choice in regulating one’s sensory system.
6. Be accepted without belittling, judgment, criticism, assumptions, exasperation, impatience, intolerance, or annoyance.
7. Be listened to and understood through flexible means of communication that feel natural and safe.
8. Choice in what level of physical contact is comfortable.
9. Choice in what level of social contact is comfortable.
10. Contribute to society through their strengths, engagement in meaningful work, reasonable accommodations, and inclusive opportunities.

The work of RRVAN will be guided and formed by our beliefs and commitments to:
-Quality of education, advocacy, and support for individuals with ASD.
-Inclusivity in our outreach to individuals with ASD, families, service providers, educators, and the community.
-Acceptance of each individual’s strengths, needs, and passions.
-Altruism from our kind-hearted, philanthropic volunteers and benefactors.
-Empowerment of individuals with ASD and their families.